Drover's Rest Organic Berry Farm






Environmental Policy

Environmental Management System


Working with and protecting the natural environment is paramount in all aspects of our business.


By employing certified organic principles in both our farming and processing operations, we commit to enhancing soil fertility, minimising pollution and conserving natural resources, thereby contributing to a sustainable future. The use of artificial chemicals, fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, as well as genetically modified organisms, is prohibited.


As a member of the Land for Wildlife conservation scheme, we commit to caring for the native flora and fauna on our farm, along with forest regeneration, conservation of our wetlands, increasing biodiversity and creation of wildlife habitats.


We operate our own Environmental Management System as a Best Farms member of the Blackwood Basin catchment group working toward sustainable management of the Blackwood Valley catchment.


In supporting the above commitments, we strive to achieve the following objectives:


  • Continued improvement in soil fertility by addition of compost produced on-farm,
    addition of trace elements and organic fertilizers,
    together with soil testing, green manuring and crop rotation.
  • Efficient management of our water resources in order to conserve our supplies,
    prevent salinity and preserve our wetlands.
  • Increased biodiversity from planting a wide variety of crops, trees and other plants,
    together with developing additional wildlife habitats.
  • Minimised environmental impact from energy use, waste disposal and pollution.
  • Compliance with environmental legislation.
  • Communication of our commitments to our employees, contractors and customers.
  • Continuous improvement in adherence to our commitments.