Drover's Rest Organic Berry Farm






Caring For Our Environment

Organic Farming


Organic FarmingBy farming organically, we are managing our property in a sustainable way. We continue to improve our soil fertility with the addition of compost and the use of mulching for weed control. By not using artificial chemicals in the form of pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers, we are protecting the soil microflora as well as the environment at large. In addition to our organic practices, we have undertaken other initiatives to both protect and enhance the environmental heritage of our property.


Land For Wildlife



Land for Wildlife logoDrover's Rest was registered in 1999 by the current owners as a "Land for Wildlife" property with the Western Australian Government CALM scheme for assisting landholders to manage privately owned bushland for nature conservation values. A Land for Wildlife officer has surveyed the property to assess the existing condition of vegetation, and suggested recommendations for forest maintenance and regeneration, which the owners are undertaking. Drover's Rest is part of a wildlife corridor in the region east of Bridgetown, which connects wildlife sanctuaries through farmland remnant vegetation from the Hester forest conservation area to the Blackwood River to the south.



Best Farms Regional Scheme


Vegetable GardenIn addition to the Land for Wildlife initiative, Drover's Rest has become certified as a "Best Farms" member of a regional scheme to manage the environmental impact of member farms in the Blackwood Basin Catchment Group. Each farm works under an audited Environmental Management System aimed at farming and managing land in a sustainable manner both locally and within the catchment area.

The Management System addresses issues such as salinity prevention, soil degradation, water conservation, waste management, etc., in fact comprehensive management of all environmental issues pertinent to this region of the South West of Western Australia.


In recognition of our environmental conservation efforts, in October 2005 we were awarded a National Landcare Award by Landcare Australia and in 2008 the Merit Award in the farmer category in the National EMS Association Awards for our environmental management system.


Click to download BestFarms case study (PDF 356KB).


Other Environmental Initiatives


Animal Exclusion FenceIn accordance with our environmental policy we are working with the environment, including its insects, birds and animals to maintain a balanced system in which pest control is self managed. We have no need to use pesticides.


To protect our crops from animals, we have installed high fencing around all growing areas, along with rabbit mesh buried at the bottom, thereby excluding both rabbits and kangaroos.


We believe that biodiversity is the key to our success.