Drover's Rest Organic Berry Farm






Our Factory

Current Equipment


Factory Processing RoomThe Organic Fine Food Company's new factory is equipped in a flexible manner to support a variety of processing needs.


Our current equipment includes:


  • Three cool rooms (two in packing shed, one in factory)
  • Three freezer rooms
  • Oil jacketed LPG cooking vessels
  • Pasteurizing equipment
  • Jar sterilizing equipment
  • Apple/pear peeler, corer, slicer
  • Blending equipment
  • Brown PulperCup filling machine and mixing tank for plastic tubs with sealed foil lids,
    70 ml to 500 ml tubs
  • Single to 3-phase power converter
  • Metal detector
  • Brown model 202 pulping machine
  • Ink jet coder
  • Laboratory for quality control
  • Staff room and laundry, washroom facilities
  • Office facilities
  • Warehouse space, forklift access

Factory Processing RoomMetal detector


Fruit Purees


Puree Production LineOur main processed products are fruit purees. Firstly, the fruit is prepared by washing and hulling in the case of strawberries, and by slicing in the case of apples and pears, followed by freezing if storage is necessary.


The fruit, either frozen or fresh, is cooked, blended into a puree and hot filled into polypropylene tubs ranging in size from 70 ml to 500 ml. The tubs are heat sealed with foil lids and then bath pasteurised in hot water to ensure a good shelf life for storage at ambient temperature.


Ink CoderThe best before dates and batch numbers are coded onto the tubs before they are placed in cardboard sleeves for sale. Our cup filling machine has a capacity of 1,800 cups per hour.