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KidSnaK Products

The KidSnaK Range of Products


The KidSnaK range of certified organic pureed fruit snacks for children (AND ADULTS TOO!) initially comes in three flavours: apple, apple-strawberry and apple-mixed berry, with more flavours to be added.



Apple - Mixed Berry Fruit Snacks Apple - Strawberry Fruit Snacks Apple - Mixed Berry Fruit Snacks Apple Fruit Snacks Our Products 2009 Australasian Food Challenge Awards New Stevia Sweetener Finalist Best Retail Products KidSnaK Products


The snacks are manufactured in our own on-farm dedicated certified organic factory at Bridgetown, Western Australia from Australian grown fruit plus our own berries grown at Drover’s Rest, producing a smooth flavoursome puree. The puree is prepared in small batches, allowing flavour, colour and texture to be carefully maintained to our strict specifications.


They are packed in 130 g net or 65 g net tubs with heat sealed foil lids, pasteurized for your safety. The tubs are sold either singly in both sizes, two-packs of the 130 g size, or four-packs of the 65 g size, all packaged in brightly printed cardboard wrappers.


KidSnaK fruit snacks are shelf-stable with a shelf life of at least six months. They can be transported and stored at room temperature, and either eaten at room temperature or frozen or refrigerated to make a refreshing snack for your lunch box. They make great snacks for school, work or at home. After opening they can be stored refrigerated for up to 48 hours.


KidSnaK fruit snacks contain NO ADDED SUGAR. They are sweetened to taste with STEVIA, a natural non-GMO sweetener which has almost no calories. They contain no added cane sugar, no added concentrated fruit juice, no artificial colours, no artificial flavours, and no preservatives. The certified organic fruit used in their production is grown without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, chemicals or genetically modified organisms.


The KidSnaK range has been approved by the Western Australia School Canteen Association with a "green light" (the highest ranking) under their Star Choice rating criteria for healthy food and drink choices.