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Australasian Food Awards


On June 12 2009, The Organic Fine Food Company, Bridgetown Western Australia, was announced as finalist in two categories of the Food Challenge Awards for their KidSnaK certified organic fruit snacks. These awards are open to any food company large or small in Australia or New Zealand. Errol Seymour, Managing Director, said: “it is pleasing to be selected as a finalist in both the Health and Wellness and Snack Foods categories, especially when we are competing with the corporate giants”. The winners of each category will be announced in Sydney on 29 July, 2009.


On July 29, 2009, The Organic Fine Food Company, Bridgetown Western Australia, was announced at a gala dinner in Sydney as winner of two awards in the Food Challenge Awards for their KidSnaK certified organic fruit snacks. They won the Snackfoods award and received the Highly Commended award in the Health and Wellness category.

Food Magazine Award Winners


New Stevia Sweetener


The Organic Fine Food Company is proud to announce their NEW KidSnaK range. KidSnaK has been in popular demand since its launch in July 2008, is being marketed Australia wide, and was finalist in the 2008-2009 WA Food Industry Awards for BEST RETAIL PRODUCT.


“KidSnaK is EVEN MORE HEALTHY NOW, WITH 99% CERTIFIED ORGANIC FRUIT” said Errol Seymour, Managing Director. “We are replacing concentrated fruit juice, which we were using as a sweetener, with stevia, which has almost no calories. We are the first organic company certified by NASAA (National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia) to be approved for stevia use, further demonstrating our innovative and progressive approach to making healthy snacks for children.”


Stevia is a totally natural, non-GMO sweetener, almost calorie free, which has been used in Japan for decades. The product used in KidSnaK is imported from Japan, and is manufactured to very high purity using natural processes from the South American herb Stevia Rabaudiana, now cultivated in many parts of the world. “The flavours of KidSnaK are now even better, because stevia tends to enhance other natural flavours ” said Errol.


KidSnaK fruit snacks are great treats for lunch boxes, and although they can be stored and eaten at room temperature, they can be chilled or frozen for refreshing snacks on a hot day. They are certified organic with no added sugar, no added concentrated fruit juice, no artificial colours, no artificial flavours and no preservatives. Natural colours and flavours are added to make the snacks attractive to children. They are sold in 130 g and 65 g tubs, in two-packs, four-packs and single tubs.


Best Retail Product


Finalist BEST RETAIL PRODUCT, 2008 WA Food Industry Association Awards


At the Western Australian Food and Beverage Industry Awards conducted by the WA Food Industry Association on 14 November 2008, The Organic Fine Food Company was named one of three finalists for BEST RETAIL PRODUCT for their KidSnaK range. In the announcements at the presentations, the Food Industry Association stated "The Organic Fine Food Company's newest product, KidSnaK, is a certified organic pureed fruit snack for children, offering a great taste and the right choice for a healthy lunch box snack.

Innovative packaging design and the choice of all environmentally friendly packaging material are part of the company's commitment to supply an all healthy snack to consumers for this fast growing retail category.

Consumer tastings at the Perth Royal Show and the 2008 Healthy Choice Food Expo confirmed that children love the flavours and look of the product. Since the launch of the product in July, KidSnaK are now stocked in a range of fresh food markets, and IGA stores across metropolitan Perth and regional Western Australia."


Bisphenol-A (BPA)


Recent press reports refer to Bisphenol-A (BPA), a chemical commonly used in plastic food and beverage containers, having a possible link to heart disease (ABC Science Online September 17 2008). There have been concerns over many years about the possible hormone disrupting properties of this chemical. Manufacturers of baby bottles now provide alternative materials to the common polycarbonate plastic bottles which contain BPA. Polypropylene is BPA free and is now used by many manufacturers of baby bottles. Polypropylene has one of the lowest impacts on the environment of all plastics.


The plastic tubs used for KidSnaK are made from polypropylene, and the plastic lining on the inside of the foil lids is also made from polypropylene. Therefore, consumers of KidSnaK need have no concerns about BPA.


KidSnaK Launched at Perth Convention Centre


KidSnaK Launched at Perth Convention Centre, July 2008

Apple - Mixed Berry Fruit SnacksOur KidSnaK range of certified organic pureed fruit snacks was launched at the Western Australian School Canteen Association "Healthy Choice" Food Expo held at the Perth Convention Centre on July 16 2008.

The product was well received by canteen and health professionals. Taste sampling was provided to attendees with excellent feedback. KidSnaK has been awarded a "green light" (the highest ranking), under the Canteen Association's Star Choice rating criteria, established in 2006 to assist compliance with the Western Australia Department of Education and Training's policy and standards for healthy food and drink choices.



New Retail Packs Released for Frozen Berries


Mixed BerriesWe now have available 300 gram retail packs of frozen berries selling in shops in Perth. Varieties presently available are Mixed Berries, Boysenberries and Bramble Berries. See our Frozen Berry Retail Packs page for details.


Retailers wishing to stock this product can contact Food Station, our Perth wholesaler, phone (08) 9379 9924.




Award for our Environmental Mangement System (EMS)

At the 2008 National EMS Forum in Newcastle, we were presented with the Merit Award for the Farmer Category of the EMS awards and were runners up in the premier award for this category. Our EMS was developed with, and is accredited by, the BestFarms team of the Blackwood Basin Group who now provide EMS services nationwide. We were the first EMS, other than the one for their demonstration farm, to be accredited by BestFarms.




Western Australia State Natural Resource Management Conference 2008

Errol Seymour presented a paper at this conference in Bridgetown entitled "Embracing Diversity and Environmental Sustainability with On-Farm Food Processing". This paper describes how and why Drover's Rest embarked on value adding to result in a major change of direction for the venture. For the full text of the paper, click here Read more (PDF, 40KB).





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