Drover's Rest Organic Berry Farm






Our Organic Certification

Organic Status with NASAA


Drover's Rest achieved "Conversion to Organic" status in 2000 and full Organic status in 2001 with NASAA (National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia). This is independently audited Total Quality Management System, which prohibits the use of synthetic chemicals, herbicides, fertilizers and pesticides, as well as genetically modified organisms.


NASAA logoHowever, it is more than this. A certified organic farmer manages his soil and other natural resources in a sustainable manner along with protecting the environment such as wetlands and forests. An important part of organic farming is maintaining, or where possible, increasing biodiversity.


Fresh produce grown organically has improved taste and shelf life when compared to produce grown conventionally. Also, there is and increasing body of evidence that suggests organically grown produce has a higher nutritional value. These advantages, along with the knowledge that the produce retains minimal residual synthetic chemicals, make organic food attractive to the health conscious, especially for children and for baby foods.


Furthermore, organic farming is a desirable option for Western Australia where land degradation can be minimised or reversed using organic practices, and where increased protection against drought can be put in place. The owners of Drover's Rest are passionate about the benefits of organic farming as recorded in their company Mission Statement.


Our Mission


To promote enjoyment of organic food
along with awareness of
the health and environmental benefits
created by its production and consumption,
and thereby develop

a growing and profitable business.


References for Further Reading on Organics


Further reading on organics can be found on the Organic Federation of Australia website www.ofa.org.au