Drover's Rest Organic Berry Farm






Bulk Frozen Berries

Bulk Frozen Rubus Berries


Bulk Frozen Bramble BerriesBulk boxes (approximately 18 kg) of IQF certified organic frozen rubus berries can be ordered from the farm, and sent to Perth by freezer truck. Price on application.


The following varieties are usually available year round:

  • Boysenberries
  • Silvan berries
  • Youngberries





Bulk Frozen Strawberries


Bulk Frozen StrawberriesFrozen strawberries, washed and hulled can be ordered block frozen in approximately 18 kg boxes directly from the farm. They are transported to Perth by freezer truck, and can be shipped Australia wide by freezer truck.


Australia wide transport is only economical in pallet sized quantities. Prices on application.


Preparation is done to the following Specification.