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With our on-farm commercial kitchen, we make a variety of jarred products that are a must-have for any household concerned about healthy eating habits. Many ingredients in our pantry products are sourced directly from produce grown right on our farm! Our jarred products are extremely versatile and can have many uses such as toppings, meal ingredients, a quick snack or even the main course! Check out our Pantry Products now in the online store!


Made from West Australian sourced organic mixed berries, organic apples and organic lemon juice. Other ingredients include organic chia, organic raw sugar and pectin. The chia seed and lemon juice give the texture and zing that makes your tongue sing.


Veggie sauce mix ready to use for all of your meal needs.


This berry sauce is sweetened only with the innate sugars of the berries and our very own home-made apple sauce.  Gorgeously delicious on natural yoghurt, granola, ice cream, pavlova, and roast meats.  All the subtle flavours of mixed berries (no strawberry), lemon, apple, and chia seed.


NO Sugar Added!  Our beautiful apple sauce is made from certified organic apples and you will taste the difference!


Tickle your taste with the sweet smooth warmth of our sun-ripened tomato soup.

Made from 98% sun-ripened tomatoes, a little garlic, salt and olive oil, it's the perfect quick yet wholesome meal.


Enjoy the spice sensation of our Certified Organic Tomato Ketchup. Ingredients include cloves, pepper, garlic and chili mingled together with West Australian sourced certified organic tomatoes, apples and onions.

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