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Pastured Forested Pork

Here at TOFFC, pigs are an extremely important aspect in our soil rebuilding processes and the regenerative cycles that we see unfolding on the farm daily. They are the key to gentle top-soil disturbance, resulting in the awakening of the indigenous soil biology. This means that when we graze pigs through eco-systems like the forest on our property, they ultimately till through the leaf-litter ground cover and the dormant seed banks are able to spring to life once again! 

Raising pigs in this manner means that they are given the chance to express their "piggyness" (what we like to call it) in all forms. Stress-free handling, free-range foraging and 24/7 access to shade, water and shelter mean that our pigs live the best life they possibly can. 

Happy pigs raised stress-free on regenerative organic land ultimately results in a superior product, with flavours and texture that far surpass any regular, old supermarket-bought pork. See our range of pork cuts and products in our online store and place orders for pickup at specific locations!


  • Are not contained in sheds or buildings​​

  • Are moved around the farm with mobile fencing which means they have constant access to soil and the ability to forage whenever they please

  • Have 24/7 access to shelter and freshwater

  • Are fed supplemental certified organic fermented grains to aid their growth 

  • Retain their teeth and tails (commercial growers remove the tails of piglets and clip their teeth)

  • Are regularly moved to fresh pasture or forest floor  

Happy Pigs!

Happy Pigs!

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