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    TOFFC Home Delivery Bunbury Area: Next available home delivery date is October 3 Perth Area: Next available home delivery date is September 26 Bridgetown Area: Delivery occurs Thruday - Saturday from 12 PM to 6 PM Perth and Bunbury orders must be placed by 3PM the day before delivery Home delivery is currently available to customers in the Perth, Bunbury and Bridgetown areas On-Farm Order Collection Thursday - Saturday 12PM - 6PM To collect your order directly from our farm select this option at checkout

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    CONTACT ​ The Organic Fine Food Company Mike & Jocelyn Van De Griend (Growers, Marketeers, Parents, Teachers, Researchers, Agronomists, Developers, Microbiophiles, etc.) 416 Elwins Road PO BOX 738 Bridgetown, Western Australia 6255 + 61 8 9761 2901 Your details were sent successfully! Send

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    Certified Organic Eggs SHOP NOW Learn More Regenerative Organic Farming Here at TOFFC we harness and implement organic, regenerative practices which means you receive healthy produce nurtured on vibrant land and grown in rich soils. Shop Now Online Store Now Open Our online store is now open! Order online from our entire produce range and collect from specific locations in WA! Learn More Australian Certified Organic Being a certified organic producer & processor is a privilege and responsibility. We take the health of our animals, our soils, our products and most importantly, YOU, seriously. Having ACO on our team ensures we deliver. Support our family farm and other Regenerative Organic Farms by signing up with Certified Organic Biodynamic Western Australia and help transition more WA land into carbon-sequestering sponges that promote healthy soils, plants, people and planet! SIGN UP ABOUT US

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    Certified Organic Eggs At The Organic Fine Food Company, we are proud to be one of the few West Australian growers producing 100% Certified Organic, Pastured/Forested chicken eggs. Keep an eye out for our blue label and a little wren stamped on each egg. Our dozens sell as 600, 700 and 800 gram minimum weights. ​ OUR HENS: Are stocked LESS THAN 1,500 hens per hectare ​ Have daily access to clean freshwater and certified organic land which is free from synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and GMOs. ​ Are NOT given hormones or antibiotics. ​ Are fed supplemental organic feed, sourced from Australian Certified Organic Growers. ​ Have access to forested areas in which to freely roam and forage for live insects; an important aspect of protein supplementation. ​ Are free to climb trees, attempt flying, take dust baths, and scratch two steps forward and one step backward! ​ Are housed by night and sheltered by day in our specially built mobile chicken arks. The doors open and close by sunrise and sunset for their comfort and protection. ​ Are moved approximately regularly, depending on foraging conditions, to ensure a fresh supply of protein: grubs, white ants, worms and millipedes! ​ Are protected from predators by our Maremma guardian livestock dogs. ​ Are NOT debeaked, NOT feather-clipped, or physically altered in any way! AT TOFFC, WE ARE DIFFERENT FROM THE FOLLOWING LABELS: Organic (not certified), Certified free-range and Free-range BECAUSE... They can and do stock hens greater than 1,500 hens per hectare (some up to 10,000 hens per hectare. ​ They are NOT held accountable to use Certified Organic feed that excludes synthetic fertilisers, herbicides, pesticides, and GMOs. ​ They are NOT held accountable to use Certified Organic land free of the above chemicals ​ They are ALLOWED to use hormones and antibiotics!

  • Fermented Products | The Organic Fine Food Company

    Fermented Products At TOFFC we believe human gut health is everything... if your micro-biome is healthy it will ultimately promote and sustain YOUR health. We currently ferment cabbage and make a sauerkraut that is filled with beneficial bacteria, promoting digestion and gut health! ​ Our sauerkraut is fertilised by organic dry compost and compost tea and enriched by sun, water and soil. Enhanced by fermentation and time, it is carefully hanpacked and full of gut enhancing biota! 2 tablespoons per day alongside your morning egg will improve your health! ​ Stay tuned! More fermented products will be coming in the near future!

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    ABOUT US We are Mike and Jocelyn, and our five children; the unlikely combination of an American farm boy from Iowa, and a city gal from Perth, Western Australia. We hale from California's Central Valley, known as: California’s "bread basket". This region is one of the most intensively farmed dairy, beef and agricultural regions of the USA; responsible for producing a large percentage of the United States food consumption. Here, Mike had the privilege of working as a dairy veterinarian. Together as a family, our journey in California has influenced our passion for sustainable agriculture, which connects to local communities, but also has a vision for the world beyond. Seeing the rich potential that Australia's South West afforded, we eventually made the decision to relocate and pursue this ethos, and our passion for good food, as The Organic Fine Food Company (TOFFC). Food is what we all have in common. From the beginning it has connected humans physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and socially. It is meant to be enjoyed and celebrated; it should be savoured, relished and shared; it should be done well. We believe natural, organic foods in particular, are innately healthy and help to sustain quality of life. As urban growth has resulted in less private food production, we feel called to sustainably grow and produce natural, quality, safe and great tasting foods for our urban communities. All in all, when developing our products at TOFFC, we like to keep these ideas of commonality, celebration, community, health and conservation foremost in our minds. Our purchase of Drover’s Rest, a property in Kangaroo Gully just outside Bridgetown, Western Australia aligns with our guiding beliefs concerning food, farming and the land. In addition to its aesthetic value, the property has been sustainably managed and certified organic since 2001, when it started as Drover's Rest Organic Berry Farm under the direction of Dr. Errol and Mrs. Irma Seymour. The land is protected; surrounded on the north, on the east and on part of the southern boundary by Hester state forest conservation area. The remainder of the boundary adjoins forest on private properties. Our organic farming is protected and buffered by these forests from surrounding land activities. Additionally, the property is fitted with a processing facility, allowing us to create value added organic products. Overall, Drover’s Rest is an ideal and healthy environment in which to produce quality, safe food.

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    Seasonal Produce At TOFFC, we have a variety of fresh, organic produce available during the different seasons of the year. ​ Summer/Fall Produce can include: ​ Tomatoes (grape, cherry, round) Capsicum Eggplant Sweet Corn Watermelon Squash, zucchini and pumpkin ​ Winter/Fall Produce can include: ​ ​Silverbeet Kale Cabbage Kohlrabi ​ Keep a close eye on our store to see what organic garden produce is currently available.

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