Certified Organic Eggs
Jersey Calf in Grass

Regenerative Organic Farming

Here at TOFFC we harness and implement organic, regenerative practices which means you receive healthy produce nurtured on vibrant land and grown in rich soils. 


Find us at Origins Market

Origins Market is a market like no other. Here we have a growing community of Western Australia’s best makers, growers and producers all under one roof.


Australian Certified Organic

Being a certified organic producer & processor is a privilege and responsibility. We take the health of our animals, our soils, our products and most importantly, YOU, seriously. Having ACO on our team ensures we deliver.

Support our family farm and other Regenerative Organic Farms by signing up with Certified Organic Biodynamic Western Australia and help transition more WA land into carbon-sequestering sponges that promote healthy soils, plants, people and planet!